so I've been writing a new column called POEMHACK which is about why poems get rejected from journals. I do write-ups / revisions / etc. on poems people sent me that have been rejected multiple times for unknown reasons.

I am looking for more poems. Please send them to me! Check the bottom of one of the posts for details:


I've continued curating poetry for FANZINE:

Joseph Mains: 3 small poems
Ethan Saul Bull: "The Dream"
Jamalieh Haley: 2 small poems


I also dressed up like a priest for Lisa Ciccarello and Poetry Press Week and lit black candles with dollar bills. A great write-up of the night(s) by Kathleen Dolan.

trubble trubble trubble trubble

from The Pitchfork Disney by Philip Ridley



A highly detailed and deeply hallucinatory interview with Richard D James:
awhile after my girlfriend tried to comfort me, as i musta looked in a bit of a state, she stroked my arm and all I could think was, why is there a skeleton with a blood circulatory system moving up n down on my skeleton with another blood circulatory system! [absolute deprogrammed to fuk]

it was confusing I knew I was supposed to feel something but didn't and when I saw my girlfriend get upset, 4 a split second I 'felt bad' and said I was sorry I dunno what I'm supposed to a kind of remnant of emotion just flicked back for half a second.

dave: ok, so finally don’t you feel a bit guilty about pretending to be richard for this interview!?

rich: nah, rich asks me or couple of his other friends to do most of his press for him , don’t think he did any this time around!

i’ve done several email interviews for him in the past, so im used to it, he always says to say whatever the fuck you like and not even sure if he reads them, he usually gives me some good freebies, I got copy 02 of the Syro limited edition this time, which should be worth a few quid!

More of my choice choosings up at the FANZINE:

Paul Longo - "Procrastination Contest"
Jane Wong - "Exit Health, Exit Humor"
Ross Robbins - from "On Knowing"
Lisa Ciccarello - "The First Day

on their usual walk

Matthew Pillsbury's Tokyo


The US Army teaches us "How to Spot a Communist"


EMA's sprawling mixed-media essay "BACK TO THE VOID"


I'm editing a weekly poetry feature on The Fanzine featuring many of my favorite poets of the Pacific Northwest. So far:

from "Still in Modesto" by K. Silem Mohammad

from "How They Met" by Rachel Springer



90's Meg Ryan presents

incl. aubrey hirsch; dana jaye cadman; dillon j welch; donald dunbar; kelly schirmann (/zachary schomburg); leora fridman; morgan parker; portia elan; ryan werner; sampson starkweather



churn of his words

My VERY FAVORITE music-makers just put out something amazing:

if you like dreams, or love, or clouds, or shaved ice, or ladies, or revelation, or the smell of sprinklers, you might really like Sea When Absent by A Sunny Day in Glasgow. There aren't many bands that are as ambitious at tackling the album as an experience itself, and only three or four that use every bit of potential in your headphones.


an oldie but a goldie: Val Kilmer playing Val Kilmer in Harmony Korine's take on "The Fourth Dimension":


"A [pretty] awesome ballet of death."

The Gunfighter from Eric Kissack on Vimeo.


David Peak in Wigleaf