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My VERY FAVORITE music-makers just put out something amazing:

if you like dreams, or love, or clouds, or shaved ice, or ladies, or revelation, or the smell of sprinklers, you might really like Sea When Absent by A Sunny Day in Glasgow. There aren't many bands that are as ambitious at tackling the album as an experience itself, and only three or four that use every bit of potential in your headphones.


an oldie but a goldie: Val Kilmer playing Val Kilmer in Harmony Korine's take on "The Fourth Dimension":


"A [pretty] awesome ballet of death."

The Gunfighter from Eric Kissack on Vimeo.


David Peak in Wigleaf

the evolutions of goth kids


"Yelling at kids—and many 22-year-olds, and many 44-year-olds, are still functionally children—has not in three millennia of recorded history produced a reliably non-murderous generation; why is it our default mode of educating them on the internet?"


"And what do we mean when we say that a 3-D model is nude, when as a society we can't even agree what nudity means?"


My Mary Oliver hit piece is in Pacifica Review, issue 3. Pacifica Review is the fucking shit. In the good way. 


My sonnet about the variety of my porn career, my sonnet titled "Katamari Kimchi," and my poem about secret wars are in West Wind Review, 2014 edition. WWR is the technicolor dreamcoat of ex-po.


))) cherry pepsi (((



issue 22 / iPad edition


Rick Moody, Martín Espada, Donald Dunbar, Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt & much more.
Also, a special focus on North Africa & British internationalism.

I was filmed for this by Roland Dahwen, chatting with artist Allegra Jongeward about how I do poems while she sketches a beautiful, trippy rendering of that process. There's a shit-ton of my words in this, so if you're into my words and have an iPad, well.



I wrote a piece for the POOR CLAUDIA series 10 SOURCES called "Mistypings of Miswritings of Mishearings of Misreadings of Lisa Robertson"



I interviewed myself for THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. I chat with me about my enemies, Speed Racer, and the poetic lineage of Eyelid Lick & my next book.

They also saw fit to publish my poem "Money Poem", which is about money.

seattle stub

FB links to my AWP stuff:

Thursday, 9pm-12am: Similar:Peaks:: @ Vermillion (1508 11th Ave) - Amy Silbergeld, Rauan Klassnik, Johannes Göransson, Monica McClure, Paula Cisewski, Marcus McDonald, Brian Oliu, Donald Dunbar, Lara Glenum, Brian W Hedgepeth, Jade Benoit, Kevin Sampsell, Kate Durbin, Taylor Jacob Pate, Leah Umansky & others TBA.

Friday, 11am: HTMLGIANT's BRUNCH RANCH (go to Table Q24 for tix & address) - Publishing Genius: John Dermot Woods & Melissa Broder; Future Tense: Jamie Iredell & Aaron Gilbreath; Magic Helicopter Press: Meagan Cass & Feliz Lucia Molina; Mammoth Editions: Donald Dunbar & Bryan Coffelt.

Friday, 8pm: Dock Street Press & Friends @ Rendezsvous/Jewelbox Theater (2322 2nd Ave) - Colin Winnette, Letitia Moffitt, Eric Shonkwiler, Donald Dunbar, Kyle Coma-Thompson.

Saturday, 5pm-6:30pm: Seattle Six-Press Reading @ Rendezsvous/Jewelbox Theater (2322 2nd Ave) - Rusty Barnes, James Brubaker, Brandon Hobson, Lauren Ireland, Dan Nowak, May-Lan Tan, Donald Dunbar.

Also, I'll be at like every reading I hope! See you soon!

Sharing your experience


when the big guys are just too big and the little guys have too many injuries. ("The Machine is Bleeding to Death")


from "Man Hole" by Natalie Eilbert on HTMLGIANT


My poem "Clonazepam" was featured by the Academy of American Poets as their "poem of the day"

+ it was translated into Spanish by Santiago Pérez

and this Thursday I'll be reading other people's poems at the Jack London Bar for HOUSEFIRE's Riley Miley Cyrus Michael Parker Birthday Bash; poem-jockeying, if you will

Poets/Writers I've heard read live in 2013

*Jeff Alessandrelli
Mimi Allin
Hobie Anthony

Brittany Baldwin
Sarah Bartlett
Ambrosia Bartosek
*Robyn Bateman
*Dan Beachy-Quick
*John Beer
Aase Berg (via Johannes Goransson)
Luke Bloomfield
*Amaranth Borsuk
Jules Boykoff
Jessica Bozek
Tyler Brewington
Julian Talamantez Brolaski
Brandon Brown
Lee Ann Brown
*Anhvu Buchanon
Suzanne Burns

*MacGregor Card
*Francesca Chabrier
Richard Chiem
Wendy Chin-Tanner
*Lisa Ciccarello
Kira Clark
Emily Cobb
Bryan Coffelt
*Corina Copp
Joshua Corey
Cecilia Corrigan
Joel Craig

Sophia Dahlin
Justin Lawrence Daugherty
*Leah Noble Davidson
Cj Davis
Marie Demple
Frances Dinger
*Timothy Donnelly
*Rachel Springer Dunbar
Andrew Durbin
Ryler Dustin

Brian Ellis

Rebecca Farivar
David Feinstein
Brian Foley
Jenny Forrester
Emily Kendal Frey

Tommy Gaffney
Annelyse Gelman
Amalia Gladhart
Michele Glazer
*Lara Glenum
Robert Gluck
Robert Duncan Gray
Kate Greenstreet
Jane Gregory
Martha Grover
Gabriel Gudding
Dena Rash Guzman

*Jamalieh Haley
*Joe Hall
Jaye Harris
Endi Bogue Hartigan
Lindsay Hill

*Lucy Ives

Jeremy Robert Johnson

Elaine Kahn
Joy Katz
Arlene Kim
Geraldine Kim
*Rauan Klassnik
*Rodney Koeneke

Maryrose Larkin
*Amy Lawless
Joseph Lease
Gracie Leavitt
Karen Lepri
Dana Levin
Rachel Levitsky
Joe Luna

Tony Mancus
Miranda Mellis
Teresa K. Miller
Joe Milutis
Ben Mirov
Monica Mody
*K. Silem Mohammad
Anis Mojgani
Thomas Mowe

Mindy Nettifee
Johnny No Bueno

Geoffrey G. O'Brien
A.M. O'Malley

Riley Michael Parker
*Hannah Pass
Rachel Porter
Kathryn Pringle
Elizabeth Pusack

Hajara Quinn

Roger Reeves
Ariana Reines
*Ross Robbins
Andrew Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts
Flavia Rocha
Lindsay Allison Ruoff
Mark Russell

Diana Salier
*Kevin Sampsell
Kaia Sand
Kelly Schirmann
*Danniel Schoonebeck
Kathi Schwaiger
Safiya Sinclair
Janey Smith
*Rich Smith
Julian Smuggles
Sampson Starkweather
Monica Storss
Janaka Stucky
Nick Sturm
*Sara Sutter
Mathias Svalina

Paige Taggart
Brian Teare
Julia Clare Tillinghast
Emily Toder
Ashley Toliver
Stacey Tran

Erin Verginia

Jessalyn Wakefield
Diane Wald
G.C. Waldrep
Dana Ward
Maya Weeks
Ryan Werner
Rebecca Wolff
*Jane Wong
Russ Woods
Jacob Wren
C.D. Wright

James Yeary

Raul Zurita

*More than once

the other half of the headphones

What I was listening to and loving most this year (that I hadn't heard before)

If you wanna give a listen to these before you buy them, CLICK HERE. You'll probably be able to figure out what's what.

J Dilla – Donuts

I have great reasons for not having heard this in 2006, when it was released just weeks before Jay Dee's death: I didn't listen to music, and if I did, it probably wasn't good music. Listening to good music started for me in 2007, and I had all of it to catch up on. Was there any way I was going to find a weirdly private "instrumental hip-hop" album, one constructed in a hospital bed, by a guy who was, I suspect, regularly featured on MTV? Uh uh.

My Bloody Valentine – mbv

Often, when I try to turn someone on to My Bloody Valentine, they're all like, "Isn't that an emo band?" And I'm like, "No no no no no no, that's My Morning Jacket." And they're all like, "Well, I don't like emo stuff." And I'm all like, "This ain't that!!" And then they go, "Well, I'll check it out if I'm 14 again." Y'all, this isn't music for dying your hair, ain't music for taking frowny selfies to, ain't music to be used while sewing patches to your backpack. This is music for your biggest bowl, packed with pure kif.

Andy Stott – Luxury Problems

I would never have found this if not for it making LIKE EVERY SINGLE END OF THE YEAR BEST OF list last year. If you like patterns, ambiguous feelings, and female vocals, well, this album's for you. Or if you like machinery, empty churches, and pretending you like dancing, well, this album's for you. Or if you are a robot who grows a soul in Act 2, only to willingly relinquish it at the end of Act 3, this album's for you.

Medicine – To the Happy Few

I've lived years and years with the thought, "Why can barely anyone else do what My Bloody Valentine does to me?" and though A Sunny Day in Glasgow and Serena Maneesh have achieved that, older dream pop/shoegaze bands have always left me puzzled. Does Slowdive think guitars was it? Does The Jesus & Mary Chain think it's distortion? Why did Lush have to fuck it up with cheesy lyrics? And I had never listened to the like one track Medicine had put out, or if I had it was back in the day when I was a sad fool. Now this whole album, released in the same year as new MBV, does almost exactly it so good! 2013, you magnificent beast, maybe I should've asked you for new Cocteau Twins as well.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II

Is Unknown Mortal Orchestra what Tame Impala should have evolved into? Last year's Lonerism was for sure a great album, a year after naming it one of my favorites from 2012 I'm not sure I could sit through the whole thing in a sitting; there's no restraint. UMO remembers a different Summer of Love; maybe getting radio reports of all the stock-footage fodder protests, festivals, and love-ins, while secluded in some northern cabin, wearing a sweater at night, thinking it'd be nice to just have someone to cuddle with.

Doldrums – Lesser Evil

This sound! Lesser Evil is the kind of album that affirms, yea, anything is possible! and nay, no way will you be able to handle what you're gonna find out. It's a feat in itself to coordinate so many different sounds into something that still sounds musical, another feat entirely to make such banging songs with it. For the last little while, Doldrums is who I want to be when I grow up.

Burial – Rival Dealer

If you don't like Burial, you were undoubtably a popular, shiny, vapid kid who has grown up into part of the cancer eating its way through the malls, churches, and stadiums of the joke that is "modern life." If you do like Burial, you were undoubtably a sensitive, lonely, thoughtful kid who could really probably use a nice long hug right about now, or any time.

Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus

Now that there's no spirituality left in the world, and no God left in the sky, and now that even death turns out to be an empty promise, why not worship the void? Not to receive anything from it, and certainly not for mercy, but because most other verbs have abandoned us, and the only object is the absence of objects. "Der der der der der der der der/ der der der der der der der der" is just "Hare Krishna" in reverse.

Falcons – for Ssense 

I've gone and listened to everything I can find by Falcons--and hopefully their body of work will expand dramatically in 2014--but this mix is them at the top of the (not just their) game. There's one line I don't like in it--maybe an LL Cool J line?--otherwise every beat, bump, word, snare, synth, sample, etc. was chosen perfectly. Right at the end there's a beautiful mashup that includes "The Thong Song" that makes me feel, for real, that Sisqo needs to see that booty go. It has--and I'm not just saying this--made me tear up a little, the depth of his need, his helplessness to it. 

Mark McGuire – A Young Person’s Guide to Mark McGuire

For when one wants to work with NO DISTRACTIONS but is maybe one's self a distraction to one's self; well, you need this fella. I maybe have slightly more love for his now-defunct Emeralds project, but Mark McGuire's solo stuff has accompanied the writing of things, the grading of things, and the cooking of things this year. Not recommended for the drawing of things, unless you're really really really into drawing. Why? Fuck you is why.