I'm involved with:

Eyedrop : a VR content lab
Wine for kids? : A Twitter account curating Fox News clickbait
Poetry Data Project : long-embryonic, not dead

& have been involved with:

If Not For Kidnap : a PDX poetry concern 

Virtual World Society : Collaboration in a New Layer of Reality 

draft: The Journal of Process : re: revision, interviews, poets 

I made:

Safe Word (Gramma Poetry 2017, full-length)
Eyelid Lick (Fence Modern Poets Series prize 2012, full-length)
Slow Motion German Adjectives (Mammoth Editions 2013, chapbook)
Softcore / Software (Gramma Poetry 2017, chapbook)

Selected uncollected work:

  • Nine (9!) new poems are featured the inaugural salvo from Gramma Daily. NSFW
  • I was on a team that made a computer game in a week. Neuromouser is exactly what it sounds like.
  • the intro essay I wrote for PDP was excerpted at Harriet
  • my essay "On Bullying: Isla Vista, Seth Abramson, and Social Media" @ HTMLGIANT
  • Academy of American Poets published my poem "Clonazepam" and someone translated it into Spanish
  • a "10 Sources" for Poor Claudia; who knows what I was thinking