I'm involved with:

Eyedrop : a VR content lab
Wine for kids? : A Twitter account curating Fox News clickbait
Poetry Data Project : long-embryonic, not dead

& have been involved with:

If Not For Kidnap : a PDX poetry concern 

Virtual World Society : Collaboration in a New Layer of Reality 

draft: The Journal of Process : re: revision, interviews, poets 

I made:

Safe Word (Gramma Poetry 2017, full-length)
Eyelid Lick (Fence Modern Poets Series prize 2012, full-length)
Softcore / Software (Gramma Poetry 2017, chapbook)
Slow Motion German Adjectives (Mammoth Editions 2013, chapbook)
Click Click (Gold Wake Press 2010, chapbook)
You Are So Pretty (Scantily Clad Press 2009, chapbook)

Selected uncollected work:

the intro essay I wrote for PDP was excerpted at Harriet 

POEMHACK archive

a poem of mine was included on a 90's Meg Ryan Mixtape

I wrote a couple thoughts on the process of getting your poetry book published for Queen Mob's. It's kind of a companion piece to an interview I gave to the Art Career Project.

my essay "On Bullying: Isla Vista, Seth Abramson, and Social Media" @ HTMLGIANT

I interviewed me for The Nervous Breakdown

Academy of American Poets published my poem "Clonazepam" and someone translated it into Spanish

The Fanzine asked me to choose some poems for them; I chose: Ally Harris: "Inheritance" ::: James Gendron - "from Weirde Sister" ::: John Beer: "The One Where Nothing Called Back" ::: Joseph Mains: 3 small poems ::: Ethan Saul Bull: "The Dream" ::: Jamalieh Haley: 2 small poems ::: Paul Longo - "Procrastination Contest" ::: Jane Wong - "Exit Health, Exit Humor" ::: Ross Robbins - from "On Knowing" ::: Lisa Ciccarello - "The First Day" ::: Rachel Springer - "How They Met" ::: K. Silem Mohammad - "Still in Modesto"

Yalobusha Review put 3 of my poems in the world

Smoking Glue Gun published a long swath of a manuscript titled Venus Edamame and I did a recording over the music the poem was composed to.

I wrote a piece for SOUND about how to read poems out loud

An oldie but a goldie: my "Top Ten Things to Arrive With" for Nailed (nee Small Doggies)